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Zara & Tom. Lovely couple.

A modern design house in a beautiful setting just in front of the mountains. The place, Moratalla. Yes… Murcia, southern Spain is mostly a desert, but we found a paradise around four little cities, Moratalla, Caravaca de la Cruz, Cehegín and Calasparra.

It was announced a rainy day. We needed a miracle to take the wedding pictures. Yes…. it happened once again.

Under a wonderfull and threatening dark sky the ceremony between Zara and Tom began. Emotive words from mom and sister. I saw in bride and groom eyes.

The coktail and dinner. Amazing profesional team from CENA D’OR (Moratalla). After gloat over delicatessen began the speeches and toast, music and good time.

Then it started raining and didn’t stop for three days.

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